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Über mich

  • I'd been back from school for winter break when I met my mom's new boyfriend for the earliest time.
    My parents divorced when I became five, therefore it wasn't love it was traumatic or דירות דיסקרטיות GIRL4ESCORT anything
    to meet the guy. I didnrrrt expect him to be so damn hot, though.
    He's a fitness expert, and fit as hell—six-pack-abs-and-ripped-arms fit, like the
    truth is in advertisements for losing weight fast supplements
    and gym memberships. When he rang the doorbell
    one night around 6pm looking for my mother, who had previously been out back then, I made the choice to play hostess inside my comfy but clingy sweats.

    I invited him inside and poured us each a glass of wine.

    Couple of hours later, we had been two bottles deep and neither of people had heard from my mother.

    I made the 1st move, touching his knee and after that sliding my hand up his inner thigh.
    When I received to his crotch, he leaned back and said,
    ‘Fuck it!' Then he stood up. I stood up too, about the seat of the couch.
    Then I jumped into his arms, legs wrapped tightly around his waist and
    impressively firm ass. His dick felt flexible poking through his pants, rubbing
    up against my vagina, I knew I could orgasm from dry humping him similar to that.
    But I wanted him inside me, so I reached down and grabbed it.
    We fucked—fast—while in the laundry room, where
    there were a take a look at the driveway just in case my mom came back.
    Most of our clothes remained as on, and we powered the washer so it would vibrate beneath me while he pumped and דירות
    דיסקרטיות GIRL4ESCORT
    deeper and deeper. It turned out the dirtiest thing I've ever done, and I'd do it again.”

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